Martha Burkert + Britta Bruce

Martha Burkert

I am primarily a landscape painter. The interior and exterior landscapes that surround me are my favorite jumping off points. I push and pull color around these forms trying to find combinations that feel right. I am not restrained by local color or the hard and fast rules of perspective. The application of paint, the resonance of colors against each other, the muscularity of shapes and the temperature of light and dark are my guides.


Britta Bruce

I have always liked the seductive quality of wet paint, vibrant color, and dramatic light and dark contrast. Painting expressively, with a very physical application of paint, and layering of colors, I work to convey light, space, and emotion. Combining my current state of mind, along with images of people, places, and things, which have intrigued me, I work to reconstruct these images on canvas, and create atmosphere, or convey mood and emotion. For the last 20 years, I have been living in Maine, with it’s striking, rugged coastline; beautiful lakes, quarries, and woodlands, which offer limitless inspiration for my painting, which I continue to explore in my downtown Portland, Maine studio.