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David Wilson

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David Wilson was born in Kirkintilloch, Scotland in 1953, studied at St. Martins School of Art, London, and Syracuse University, New York.
Wilson lived and worked in New York for many years while maintaining a studio on North Haven island, Maine. He now lives and works on North Haven and helps operate Hopkins Wharf Gallery. He has exhibited in Maine and New York and this is his first exhibition with Portland Art Gallery.

The Spruce Tree, the leitmotif of this current exhibition, has been a persistent image in his work for the past decade. Conveying a sense of place, Maine and Scotland perhaps, the lone standing figure in landscape presents a potent symbol. The shape and format of the work suggests flags or tapestries and the tree some sort of personal crest or sigil. The landscapes here have been arrived at out of a working process that involves layering paint, tissue and various other papers, mixed materials, including sticks, stones, earth, tea leaves, and flower petals. A trip last winter to India and Bali has influenced the palette and materials. These landscapes and trees have been conjured up from pigment and paper to make elements that are universal – Mountain, Rock, Sky, Sea, Tree.

Britta Bruce

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M.J. Benson

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I love the horizon, its ever steady line of delineation between the spaces of land, sky and sea.  It’s the first stroke I make on the surface, and often the last.  In between are layers and layers of light and color, sprung from my memory but unbound by realism. I start with a framework, a few rules around composition or color, but it’s the tension between what I expect and what the painting is telling me that dictates the flow and finish.  I work, and wait, until the ever fickle shifting between place and memory stills itself harmoniously on the canvas.

Bio: Artist, Boston driver. Triathlete.

BFA, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Tufts University

EdM, Harvard University

Brian Browne

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Nicole Wolf

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Artis Statement

I have an affinity for the sea and everything that lives within. I come from generations of men and women who were born on and and thrived off what came out of the ocean. My father was a commercial scuba diver for 35 years and, as a child, I remember him bringing home pieces of past lives that he would find hidden on the ocean floor. I was always fascinated by how weathered yet preserved they were. While the years of tide and salt have decayed the surface of materials, the story was still there underneath-living and breathing as if it was yesterday.

My series “Sunk” is a collection of images, of artifacts retrieved from the sea off the coast of Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick, Canada. I wanted to photograph these artifacts in a way that was nostalgic, leaving questions of the journey and history of each piece. My hope is to suspend the viewer in juxtaposition of preservation and decay- emphasizing the strength of history with the fragility of life.

Jessica Lee Ives

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David Moser

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Whitney Heavey

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Whitney Alexanderson Heavey loves painting the environment around her, whether it is the ocean, or a forest of trees or, simply, the feel of the air on a crisp autumn day.


My paintings are a celebration of the ever-changing colors in the New England landscape.  Using the framework of a landscape composition, I strive to paint with a rhythm which results in layers of color until the surface has a buzz that makes the landscape come alive.  I like to experiment with the boundaries of color.  The palette of my paintings usually begins as a mood, or a reflection of something I’ve seen, and evolves with the process of painting.  My paintings are intended to have a powerful impact on the viewer, both from afar and close up, just as nature does.

Willa Vennema

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Petrea Noyes

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My work is not the product of computer-generated art- quite the opposite.  My creative process is exactly the same as it was fifty years ago, but my tools and equipment have changed.

Working with a digital drawing tablet is magical- I use an Intous tablet to clone (copy sections from one source to another), paint and draw (with pixels rather than with vectors), and build my pieces much as I would build a conventional collage.  My software consists of Picture Window, Adobe Essentials, and Painter X.  I draw on the tablet while watching the piece evolve on my computer screen- something like patting your stomach while rubbing your head, it does take some practice.

 I never start with a blank or white ‘canvas’ but use something with colors or forms that I find appealing as a basis to begin a new piece.  I clone repeatedly to build unexpected shapes and combinations and try very hard not to try to control the direction of the work by thinking of the traditional rules or concerns of composition, but I let the piece lead me rather than me forcing it.  Dramatic color changes are instantaneous and highly controllable.  I often use cropping and re-combinations of parts of a piece on which I am working.

When I finish an image I find compelling I print the piece with a 44 inch Epson archival inkjet printer on specially coated high quality canvas, and stretch the piece on deep profile stretcher bars and coat with acrylic gels or varnishes and then work over the image with Posca paint pens, gesso, stencils and gesso.

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Joyce Grasso

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‘Picasso once said, it took me years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child’

“I grew up in Maine, where the lulling sounds of waves breaking against the shore and the din of distant fog horns were a part of my everyday existence. This simple beauty saturated my soul, is part of who I am, as expressed in my art. With many return visits to Maine as well as many inspriring trips to New York City, Italy, the South of France and other exquisite places, I have integrated the beauty of the man-made and natural environments into my work, rather than the traditional land or seascape, my paintings create a feeling of place. I believe place allows us to access those special feelings and memories that escape our usual awareness.”

Joyce Grasso was born and raised in Portland, Maine and attended college and graduate school in Connecticut. Settling in Fairfield County, she taught art for over 35 years in the Stamford and Greenwich Public Schools. Teaching at an Arts Magnet School, she led her students in the creation of more than seventy-five sets for student productions. Joyce studied at the International Center for Photography, Moma, and the Silvermine Art Guild. Throughout her career she has received several awards for her photography. Now resuming her painting, she has shown at the Bendheim and Flynn Galleries in Greenwich, Connecticut and has exhibited in many juried shows throughout fairfield county. Her photos and paintings are displayed in private collections in Connecticut, Maine, Pennsylvania, New York and California. She is a member of the Greenwich Art Society. Darien Arts Center, Stamford Art Association, New Canaan Society for the Arts and Westport Arts Center.

Patti Kane

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Patti Kane is an intuitive artist driven to bring her passion for vibrant soulful works of art to discerning art collectors.  Through the use of vivid color, texture and impulsive strokes she strives to capture the magic of light and the energy of nature onto her canvas.

Daniel J Corey

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My name is Daniel Corey, I am a traditional painter rooted in the aesthetic values of the Ashcan school and the French impressionists. Inspired by light quality, color harmony and abstract shapes, my paintings are created from direct observation and memory. I enjoy the challenge of painting nontraditional views and subjects, and the views that make Maine, Maine.

 2009 M.A.R.C  Monhegan Residency award winner.

 2011 Pemaquid Artist Group Guest Artist of the Year.

 2011 Door County WI Plein Air Invitaional participant

2012 Art In ME second place and Peoples Choice winner.

Holly Lombardo – Solo Show

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