Maine has a distinguished place in art history. From Thomas Cole and Frederic Church to Lois Dodd and Yvonne Jacquette, the state has inspired a who’s who of America’s foremost artists. Maine also boasts an incredibly lively art scene. Between top-notch museums and galleries, the cities and towns of Maine—and even a former fort in Brunswick—are practically humming with artists and aesthetic activities. Perfect conditions, you might say, for Art Collector Maine.

Launched in January 2012, the website offers a slide show of Maine artists, their artwork—paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media work—presented in a clean, easy-to-view format. You can search for specific artists, galleries, or genres, or you can just sit back and enjoy the show, moving from, say, one of Andrea Peters’s painterly coastal views to a gleaming stainless-steel Stephen Porter sculpture. When something strikes your fancy—one of John Neville’s stylized fishermen or a ghostly figurative piece by Petrea Noyes or a classic palette-knifed landscape by Tom Curry—you can find more examples on the site or contact the gallery or artist.

The site’s motto might be “connect, inform, engage.” Art Collector Maine seeks to create an online synergy between artists and galleries on the one hand and collectors on the other. The former will use the site as a marketing platform, the latter as a resource for finding out about the remarkable universe of Maine art.