Sally Berry Glenn

About the Artist

I love the process of painting out in nature, whether it’s at the ocean, or up at 9,900 feet in the mountains or doing floral paintings in a garden. The challenges are great to compose a painting that “sings”. To bring the energy of the ocean waves into the painting or the calmness of the quiet coves, to see the fog lifting and dancing over the mountains inspires me as an artist to paint. As I stand for two to three hours grasping these moments in time, my teachers are with me in my mind, guiding my strokes carefully as I put the elements of the scene onto the canvas- into a dance of balance and rhythms, creating a sense of harmony on the canvas which in the end result “sings”.  This process of creativity is very challenging and calls me out to paint every day.
Painting in nature, allows me to have access to the spontaneous events which occur so often as in the painting “Catching the Breeze”. I was painting on the beach in Dana Point at the “Masters” and I looked up and found that a man had sat down by the waves under his silk canopy. Not planning to have him in the painting, I quickly adapted to add him, as a viewer, in this coastal scene, as he was also catching the breeze like the sailboats! These are some of the fun surprises which come with painting “pleine air” style.
I started painting pleine air on the East coast in Maine in 1980’s, by the ocean with watercolors.. Gradually, I turned to oils which I love mixing of colors to obtain the desired values and  rich textures that oils allow, as well as, the fluidity of this medium. I was born in Maine and grew up on the foggy coast where Winslow Homer painted. I enjoy painting in Maine along the coast, in the Grand Canyon , Sedona, and along the California coast, giving me a wide variety of venues to decipher! I embrace the opportunity to go high up in the Sierra’s to Tuolumne Meadows and paint (2012) Lake Tenaya and Lembert Dome or go off to Bodega Bay, seeking the fog and waves, as well as, painting in Point Lobos at China Cove. It’s all so beautiful. In 2014, I painted  this past summer in Maine on Monhegan Island, where I went many summers, as a young person . We, as artists, have the opportunity as to preserve the beauty of nature with the early morning light sparkling on the waves, or the fog lifting over the hills or the sun setting reflecting on the sails of the boats in the harbor in a pleine air painting, bringing this scene to you on a canvas for your enjoyment.

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