Randy Colbath

About the Artist


Randy Colbath is a sculptor who works with salvaged wood. His work is abstract, figurative, geometric and sometimes surreal. It reveals much attention to natural characteristics within wood and complements them with the strong use of line. Art historical references and appropriated styles along with his personal style, technique, and passion meld into completely unique and original works.

Randy discovered wood sculpting in college from a friend who worked exotic woods. He made many small sculptures throughout his four years there where he received a degree in Marine Engineering. Randy retired from shipping in 2007 and now works as a full time artist. Studying art history, particularly modernist painters such as Picasso and Matisse, and contemporary sculpture has been greatly influential in his work. His experience with machinery and working with metal show in his art and are evidenced by surface and edge work that are seemingly machined. A strong vessel reference appears in his early work. More recent work has become strongly figurative with torso and full figure projects.

Randy works with hand and power tools to shape the wood, sometimes without having a concrete vision at the outset. He begins working in an almost automatonic manner, where wood grain and natural abnormalities provide the impetus, and a free flow of ideas generate a result with totally unique character.

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