Petrea Noyes

About the Artist

My process is from the inside out- meaning I am not trying to re-create something I am seeing (like a landscape), but something from my imagination which occurs as the piece comes together.

I don’t like to start with a blank canvas so I use a digital image which I create on a laptop computer using 6 software programs, an Intous electronic table and stylus and a 44-inch Epson archival pigment inkjet printer. I print the image on special matte canvas at plus 50% inkflow, which gives me a very color intensive image with which to begin.

While the print is still wet, I draw on it by dripping bright acrylic paints with a sharp stick on the image, finding small images within the larger areas. I enhance these special areas with Posca paint pens, solid oil paint bars and stencils.

I seal the piece with 6 coats of high gloss acrylic varnish.

I have been an exhibiting artist for over 50 years and am currently showing my work in New York, Massachusetts and Maine.  My work is in numerous private and corporate collections including the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the Marriot Corporation, Colorado State University.

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