Nicole Wolf

About the Artist

Artis Statement

I have an affinity for the sea and everything that lives within. I come from generations of men and women who were born on and and thrived off what came out of the ocean. My father was a commercial scuba diver for 35 years and, as a child, I remember him bringing home pieces of past lives that he would find hidden on the ocean floor. I was always fascinated by how weathered yet preserved they were. While the years of tide and salt have decayed the surface of materials, the story was still there underneath-living and breathing as if it was yesterday.

My series “Sunk” is a collection of images, of artifacts retrieved from the sea off the coast of Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick, Canada. I wanted to photograph these artifacts in a way that was nostalgic, leaving questions of the journey and history of each piece. My hope is to suspend the viewer in juxtaposition of preservation and decay- emphasizing the strength of history with the fragility of life.

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