Nancy Simonds

About the Artist

Artist Nancy Simonds

I make large-scale abstract gouache paintings on paper and panel.  In each of my BLOCK STACK, OVOID and ARC series different arrangements of ovals and colors create a feeling of transcendent order. These images are anti-chaos. All strive for a connection to a moment for reflection resolution and calm. My works have luxuriant protean color and are infused with sublime soft texture.

In painting each piece there is an experience of exhilaration and renewal. In each painting I stack and pile simple shapes, placing then sizing and creating visual relationships that build to larger rhythms. Each shape is drawn and carved out by the edge of the brush. My paintings work like Japanese haiku; each image is paired down to its essentials and each becomes a complete world of its own.

In my OVOID series, squares without edges, I enjoy the play of organic shapes against the white of the background creating tension as the ovals touch or separate in varying degrees. These images reflect velvety textures such as moss covered earth as well as disparate edges, sizes and patterns coexisting in nature. Each shape is drawn and carved out by the edge of the brush.

I use gouache paint on Reeves printmaking paper; I blot and dab myriad hues to create complex and delicate surfaces. It is the thrill of potential in each new piece that keeps me exploring in the studio.

I am a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  I maintain a studio in the South End of Boston.  My work has been shown at the Butler Museum of American Art, the Danforth Museum, Smith College, Attleboro Museum, Wheelock College, Cambridge Arts Council and the University of Maine Museum of Art.   My work is part of over 50 corporate collections. I will be having my 8th solo show this summer at Graficas Gallery, Nantucket and my first solo show in Boulder CO at the 15th Street Studio.

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