Marcia Crumley

About the Artist

I’m a Boston artist with close ties to Maine, having owned a rustic camp on a lake and painted there for more than 20 years. Square Pond in Shapleigh, Maine is home to some of my happiest memories of family and friends. Maine is also a source of limitless inspiration for me: I never tire of its fast-moving weather or of watching the clouds and light dance across the sky, water, mountains, and woods. I spend a lot of time outdoors, observing and taking source photos. Back in the studio, I freely rearrange objects and intensify their colors and shapes to best capture the essential feeling of a particular moment.

In addition to my landscapes, I have a second major body of work that consists of mixed media abstracts. These pieces all have flakes of gold, copper, and bronze layered and rubbed into the paint by hand. For me, the tactile experience is part of the joy of creating these pieces. I also get to play with colors I love — like magenta and tangerine — that I don’t get to use very often in landscapes.

My formal training includes studying drawing and painting at the Museum School in Boston and Mass College of Art. If you would like a full bio or copy of my professional resume, or have any other questions about me or my work, please feel free to contact me at

The colors, patterns and textures of the natural world are the source and subject of my art. My primary focus is on landscapes, driven by my lifelong love of the outdoors. I spend a lot of time observing nature and the constantly changing light, color and atmosphere. While I have my favorite contemplative spots – the lakes and mountains of Maine, the beaches on the Cape and Islands – I find the urban landscape also offers random glimpses of beauty. Driving along the Charles River in Boston, I find that looking for unusual textures, colors or shapes of trees, interesting reflections on the water, or movement in the clouds provides a calming beginning and end to my work day.

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