Jill Hoy

About the Artist

My greatest passion is painting. I work plein air for half of the year and in the studio the other half, which is when I develop my figurative narratives .

The Hoy Gallery, which I have run for 26 years, is in Stonington, Maine, at 80 Main St. I am married to the painter Jon Imber, and we have a 17 year old son, and a 8 year old hound.
  I was born in Middletown Connecticut. We moved often. In 1965 my father bought a ship captain’s house on the King Row in Deer Isle, as a summer place. The island was full of great painters who I grew up knowing, watching their work evolve. It was here that I became a painter, with an appreciation of Maine land-seascapes, work ethic, architecture and gardens, as well as light, energy, pattern, flow, and the documentation of place.

I have a BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz. It was going back and forth from the east to the west coast that I began to really see how different the qualities of light were from place to place. I then lived for 12 years in Manhattan, spending all my summers and falls in Deer Isle. When I met my husband, I moved to Somerville, Massachusetts, where we live our winters in an artist co-op. In the summer and fall I live in Stonington.

I have exhibited in galleries from Los Angeles to Boston ,Key West to London and throughout Maine. My paintings are in the collections of the Portland Museum of Art, Harvard Business School [a commissioned mural], Boston Public Library,  Wellington Management, Fidelity Investments , Art in the Embassies, Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as over 700 private collections. I’ve had paintings reproduced on the covers of 5 LL.Bean catalogues, 3 editions of “Making Literature Matter”, an Anthology [Bedford St Martins] and in “An Explorer’s Guide to Maine” by Chris Tree.

I’ve been featured in recent articles in Down East (2007), Yankee Magazine (2008) in an article entitled ”25 People You Should Know,” and in “Maine Home and Design” (2008) entitled “The Canvas” by Carl Little. 
My work has been reproduced in two Carl Little books; ”Art of Maine in Winter”, “Art of the Maine Landscape, a Further Collection” and  “Maine” by Edgar Allen Beem.

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