Jean Kigel

About the Artist

Jean Kigel (American born 1945).  ” I produce watercolors, Asian brushwork, gyotaku monoprints, and oils. The process of traveling between media, melding techniques from one to another, propels me forward. I work on several bodies of work at once, often in different media at once, and each informs the others. I draw my inspiration largely from Mid-coast Maine, perennial gardening, and travel.”

“We have a few short moments of influence on this earth; for many reasons to me it seems critical that my art serve to preserve our environment, if by no more than creating haunting portraits of the earth’s natural wonders.”
Kigel has received far-reaching attention for her work.  Her work is currently on view  in the Embassy of the United States of America in Amman Jordan, in Australia, and in Latvia, as well as in Maine, Massachusetts, and NYC.    Kigel’s paintings have been published  in Maine Home+Design Magazine, Down East Magazine, Pacific Fishing Magazine,  and the American Forestry Journal.

Kigel is member of Art Collector Maine, the Sumi-e Society of America, and the Union of Maine Visual Artists.   Philip Isaacson, former art reviewer of the Portland Sunday Telegram wrote, “Kigel is a master of the oriental brush.  Her work with ink or ink with color strikes the viewer as spontaneous, loose, bold, the product of a difficult skill, an attitude acquired through commitment and study… [Her kayak series] is easy to relate it to American gestural painting.” See Jean’s website here.


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