Donna Denniston

About the Artist

Gift Of The Sea: artist Donna Denniston, Italian Agate, 3D Art, Classical, 9 x 16 x 8.34 inches


In Boothbay Harbor, I have found a welcoming community of talented artists and individuals who support and encourage me.  I am a member of the Studio 53 Fine Arts Gallery cooperative of artists.  My work is also at the Hunter Gallery in Grafton, VT and in the Boothbay Region Art Foundation. My sculptures have been juried into a number of competitive shows.  I serve on the Board of Trustees of the Boothbay Region Art Foundation, an organization that works to support art and artists in the Boothbay Region.  I sculpt primarily in stone, but also in epoxy clay and bronze.   I  accept commissions.

Artist’s Statement
My art is an extension of my love of the colors, shapes and textures of the natural world.  The physical beauty of my surroundings is a source of inspiration.  It is impossible not to be inspired by the rugged beauty of the Maine coast.  And stone is as much a part of what makes coastal Maine beautiful as is the water.  Stone sculpting can be as challenging as it is beautiful.  It can be both unforgiving and unpredictable.  Stone sculpture demands that the artist  be totally focused and attentive to every fissure and nuance in the stone because once the chisel strikes, there is no going back.  I find the early and late stages of sculpting to be times when I am impatient…  cleaning the stone in the beginning and sanding endlessly at the end to achieve a glossy finish can be tedious work.  But there is a period of time in the middle that is nothing short of magical.  Small chisel strikes transform ragged stone edges into a hand or angle the beak of a bird toward the sun.  And while the sculptor guides the chisel,  the stones give the sculptor messages that guide his or her work.  These messages take many forms…often not welcomed by the sculptor.   Cracks or breaks in the stone,  how the color is distributed or even the overall shape of the stone give the sculptor messages about how to carve each stone.  Sculptor and stone work in concert, each contributing all that they have to the process of creating a beautiful work of art.

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