Darthea Cross

About the Artist

                                                   I found the inspiration for my current body of work at a cove in mid-coast Maine.   My paintings reflect the various rock formations along the coast and in the mountains throughout the state. As with all my work, these paintings are a visual chronicle of my continued exploration of the deep silence within nature, as well as within ourselves.These moments of quietude offer a glimpse, a reflection, of the profound wholeness of which everything is a part.

                                                 I am intrigued by the interplay of color and line in each of the parts, whether that      part is a close observation of a tidal pool and a rock crevice or a distant view of a mountain peak or valley.

Each of my paintings begins by following nature and never completely leaves the natural context. Realistic contour lines provide an entry point for the viewer; other lines establish a sense of the abstract by creating flat or formless spaces. Similarly, the color scheme originates in nature but is not confined to it.

As I work I am reliving the walk the location of the subject matter – and I am reminded of the duality between the fragility of nature and its power and magnitude.

” Stand before it and there is no beginning / Follow it and there is no end.”

Tao Te Ching

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