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Jan Scharff

All works by Jan Scharff

Whether peering through the broken panes of glass of a near-derelict Stanford White building or rushing through one of Frank Gehry’s logic-defying edifices there is always something there that catches and holds, then challenges me to paint. Another source of inspiration is the Abstract Expressionist’s of mid-century America. Jackson Pollock’s expressive physicality, Mark Rothko’s luminous and ethereal fields of color, Willem deKooning’s sensual, biomorphic forms, Cy Twombly’s cerebral and massive canvases — all have had a profound effect on me, both intellectually and emotionally.

Using everything from a T-square to a spritzer bottle filled with paint and glue to scraps of fabric and paper, I apply one part what I have observed and learned to one part how I think and feel to create a window into my world to be shared with the viewer.

Robert Motherwell said, “to paint, not the thing, but the effect of it”. That is my objective — to express visual poetry.
Jan Scharff and her husband live in New York City and Kennebunkport, Maine.

7 Salt Marsh at Wells Maine

Douglas H. Caves Sr.

All works by Douglas H. Caves Sr.

Doug Caves has been a lifelong student of art with an eclectic array of interests and creative outlets. He attended the Fine Arts Program at Mt. Wachusett Community College studying art history, painting, drawing and sculpture and received the school’s Annual Purchase Award for his bronze sculpture “Head of Joy” in his last year of attendance. He has studied painting and drawing at the Worcester Art Museum and spent many years pondering the meaning and value of making art through various venues like house painting, home remodeling and landscape design and installation. He went on to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and then a Masters degree in Communication through Clark University. Through out the past thirty years Doug’s creative output has been spread across his interests in writing, working with landscape design, home
remodeling and making paintings. However, in the past 20 months, he has dedicated his creative efforts solely to painting and he has produced over 100 paintings, finally realizing, as he says, “…what it is I really want to do with the rest of my life.”

Doug’s paintings are currently on display at the Thos. Moser showroom in Greenwich, CT, Boston City Hall, the Captain David Kelly House in Centerville, MA,  and at the Frame Depot in in Milford, NH. Doug is affiliated with the Masterpiece Gallery in Boston, MA, the Frame Depot in Milford, NH where he was 2014 August’s Featured Artist and is represented by Canvas Fine Arts, showing at various Boston venues such as Boston City Hall and the Liberty Hotel. He is a member of the Fitchburg Art Museum, showing in this years’ 79th  Regional Show,  The Leominster Art Association, where he was Artist of the Month in February 2014, Concord Art Association, Arts Worcester and Rollstone Studios.


Cynthia Brown

All works by Cynthia Brown

“I am compelled by the astonishing beauty and curiosity of Maine’s seeming constants coupled with its swift changing atmosphere. I am stopped in my tracks by a road, a coastline, a marsh, a single leaf, a chance conversation, a singer at the county fair, an ice cream stand, an approaching storm with its beeping weather warning on the radio. It is a moment of deep familiarity beyond the thing itself, a universal. It can be amusing, inspiring or even disturbing, startling. The moment is visceral, instinctive and unencumbered by my presence or anything I might attempt to layer on top of it.   The paintings are my way of communicating this extraordinary experience. “

Cynthia Brown attended her first drawing class at the Cleveland Museum of Art at age seven; however her professional debut into the arts was as a performer. After receiving her BA from Ohio University she had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and Europe with regional theaters and touring productions. Lured by the prospect of continuing her theatrical studies with Uta Hagen, Ms. Brown settled in New York City. She also resumed her studies of the fine arts beginning with a life drawing class taught by Marshal Glazier at the Art Students League. By 1990, during a trip to Paris, France she came full-circle and decided to devote herself full-time to painting. Returning again to New York City she studied with Morton Kaish at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Dominick Guida, an artist in oils and watercolor. She also attended painting classes at The Art Students League and the National Academy. Over the last 10 years Cynthia has explored the eastern seaboard and now shares a home with Stephen Nutting, a fine cabinet maker, in Brownfield, Maine.

Her award-winning work is represented in the corporate collections of Bloomingdales; Peter Luger’s in New York City; Rohleder GmbH in Germany; Heberlein Textildruck in Switzerland; and The Buenos Aires Trust Company, as well as in private collections in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America.

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Joan Badner

All works by Joan Badner

“As a painter I have been greatly influenced by the landscape of Maine and Northwest Connecticut. My artwork is an exploration of the relationship between abstraction and reality, as well as feelings and impressions. I work with layered color to create an ephemeral sense of atmosphere and form. I am very interested in abstracting and reworking forms in such a way that will capture the mystery and emotional quality of these landscapes. Upon completion of the painting, I want the viewer to be left with a sense of place and memory unique to his or her own experience.”

“Painters must speak through paint not through words”
-Hans Hoffman

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”

Artist Kim Case

Kim Case

All works by Kim Case

Kim is an artist living outside Portland Maine. She attended the School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Tufts University and Salt, in Portland Maine. Kim’s work strives to reflect the natural beauty of her home in New England.


Kathleen Walsh Buchanan

All works by Kathleen Walsh Buchanan

“I have had a lifelong interest in creating art.  My path to becoming a working artist is perhaps somewhat atypical- I was educated and employed as a biologist prior becoming a full-time printmaker in 1999.  As an undergraduate at Tufts University, I majored in biology and nurtured my creative skills with as many studio art courses as I could possibly fit into my schedule.  After graduation in 1993, I worked in the consulting field for a few years before heading off to graduate school.  It was while completing my master’s degree in wildlife biology at the University of Alaska that I decided to renew my efforts at studio art and printmaking in particular.  At first glance, biology and printmaking seem to have little common ground, but much of my training as a scientist has served me extremely well as an artist.  Both disciplines require skill at observing the environment, at not only looking but seeing what is going on around you.  I look at biology and art as two dialects in the same language, different ways to communicate what you have learned about the nature of things, about the truth of your experience.

I am constantly inspired by the area where I live- the coast of Maine always reinvents itself with ever-changing ocean and sky, and seasons which each have grace and character all their own.  My two young children are my constant companions, and fuel the creative process by reminding me to engage the world with a sense of newness and discovery.  In addition, music and poetry influence my work and fill my studio at all times.  I look to the work of Rockwell Kent, Sabra Field, Christy Moore, and Billy Collins for guidance and energy to keep creating.

As an artist, I am fascinated by relationships.  My connection to the natural world, my role as a mother, and my own sense of self all find expression in my images.  I enjoy looking at landscapes and their inhabitants not only as appealing composition subjects, but also as metaphors for our human experience.  Collagraph printing, with all its intricacy and subtlety, is a fascinating medium to use in the communication of these ideas.”

August Morning in New Harbor

Michael Caudle

All works by Michael Caudle

Caudle was born and brought up in Albermarle, NC.  He attended Southern Connecticut University, where he earned his MS and BS in Art Education, with a minor in English. His extensive continuing education includes courses at Utah State University, Southern Utah State University, Fairfield University, the University of Michigan, the New York Botanical Gardens, where he completed course work in Botanical illustration and held membership in the The National Art Education & Connecticut Art Associations.

His teaching career spans over 25 years in grades K-12 with concentration in Secondary Art and English.  In addition, he enjoyed an earlier career in stained glass art for 15 years, during which time most of his works were commissioned.  Now retired from teaching, he focuses on his art and he has completed a number of watercolor landscapes of the Montana farm lands and rivers, Glacier National Park, the Rocky Mountains and several New England seascapes.  His fine small miniature gardens, landscapes and seascapes are like “small gems”.

Especially keen in depicting landscapes and seascapes, Caudle has the unique gift of making one feel that they are experiencing the scenes as he did.  He captures the lighting and reflections of both water and sky, while defining the coastal rock formations, waters and surrounding land.

He has exhibited at:  The Scarab Club, Detroit, MI 1975 (stained glass), Boothbay Region Arts Foundation, Boothbay Harbor, ME, River Arts Gallery, Damariscotta, ME, The Western Heritage Museum, Vernal, UT (Juried Shows-2010, 2011, 2012).  The Uintah Basin in Celebration (UBIC) Roosevelt, UT (Juried Shows 2011-2012), Roots Cafe – One Man Show, Roosevelt, Utah – Best in Show 2005.

He is affiliated with The Watercolor Society of Utah, Boothbay Region Arts Foundation, Art Collector Maine, River Arts Gallery and The Richard Boyd Art Gallery, Peaks Island, ME.  He and his wife Ann, and their small cat Atlanta live in South Portland, ME  They enjoy photography, the arts, touring the seacoast, vacationing in Boothbay Harbor and visiting the many points of interest throughout New England.


Judith Austen

All works by Judith Austen

Bayard Chanler

All works by Bayard Chanler

Camden, Maine resident and self-taught artist Bayard Chanler was born in New York City, grew up in Tuxedo Park, Palm Beach and summered in Islesboro and 700-Acre Island in Penobscot Bay. These locations played a vital role in stoking his creative fire and shaping his vision – as well, Bayard’s broad-based artistic ability has enabled him to work on canvas and pursue an active profession in the decorative arts field. Some of his works include custom-painted furniture, interior murals, head boards and home accessory pieces. His specialties include colorful floral, landscape interpretations, and marine works.

His art has been shown at Olivera’s, The Seven Knots Gallery, the Islesboro Historical Society, Margo Moore, Camden National Bank in down Camden, the Kimball Shop in Northeast Harbor, Scully and Scully in NYC, and LaRouche on Newbury Street in Boston as well as other galleries. Purchasers of his paintings and other works include Mrs. Henry Parish II, Kelly Preston and John Travolta, and John Train, the renowned financier. For the past 20 years Bayard has been assisting with visual merchandising at Margo Moore in Camden.

His interests are his devotion to painting and the study of art and music, the history and connections of Islesboro and 700 Hundred Acre Islands and extended family. He has over a dozen completed pieces for sale and welcomes commission work for paintings, interior murals and painted furniture pieces.  Bayard currently resides in Camden in Maine’s artistic mid-coast.


Lynne Shulman

All works by Lynne Shulman

Lynne Shulman has been a dedicated artist and art educator in Maine for over 35 years. Since graduating from Pratt Institute (BFA) and SUNY New Paltz (MSAE), she has worked in a variety of mediums, each affording her a unique way to communicate her artistic vision. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout Maine. Since her retirement from teaching, she has focused her attention on creating wood sculptures, inspired by folk art traditions and the beauty and versatility of found and vintage materials. Her sculptures explore the narratives of human and animal connections, drawing on her experiences along coastal Maine and her travels beyond.


Mary Blum

All works by Mary Blum

New York born artist Mary Blum began her career with a degree in art history from Wheaton College, MA. Pairing academic work with her process as a visual artist she researched 20th century art at CUNY Graduate Center, NYC and holds an M.A. from Hartford Art School. Her process as a painter has been to simplify to a clear set of elements. In these series she uses a basic vocabulary of form, color and surface effect. The pieces have a highly reflective surface that changes with light and the position of the viewer. This carries a subtle element of surprise and integrates the concept that all solid matter is truly energy in motion. This is a powerful inspiration for her use of reflective foils in the work.


Lee Boynton

All works by Lee Boynton


My passion for art took root in the rich soil of my childhood experiences in Maine. My grandfather owned the Topside Inn in Boothbay Harbor. In 1953, the year I was born, he bought a cottage on Capitol Island to accommodate the overflow from the inn and to provide a restful, set-apart environment for visiting family and rambunctious grandchildren. On Capitol, my brother and I were free to roam the woods or spend whole days at Middle Beach. When the tide was out, we would build elaborate sandcastles and adorn them with the treasures we would find in the sand. When the tide came in, we would race each other to Turtle Rock. Life slowed to the rhythms of the tides, and all day we partook of a sensory feast: the sights, scents and sounds of the outdoors along the coast of Maine. N.C. Wyeth was my artistic hero when I was growing up. I loved his grand narrative paintings so full of life and drama. His bold use of color and the skillful way he captured the light and atmosphere stirred in me an early interest in learning to paint. Later, Joaquin Sorolla and Frederick Waugh became favorites. I have enjoyed spending time with the lobstermen and boatbuilders along the coast of Maine; the beauty of their lives and their boats has long been a rich source of inspiration for me. I studied under Impressionist painter Henry Hensche at the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, MA early in my artistic career. The Cape School of Art was established in 1900 with the aim of teaching Claude Monet’s Impressionist theories of color and light. Henry was a master at painting the light. His influence set the direction of my art. I took all I learned from Henry, painting in oil, and applied it the watercolor medium, and in 2004 Watson Guptill published Painting the Impressionist Watercolor, an instructional book I co-authored with Linda Gottlieb, one of my longtime watercolor students. Claude Monet is famous for having said, “I want to paint like the birds sing.” I agree with him on that! I am most alive when I have a paint brush or palette knife in hand, and I’m painting outdoors. I also love to teach others to find the same joy in using color to capture the ever-changing effects of light.


Sumner Winebaum

All works by Sumner Winebaum

Sumner Winebaum has pursued three careers: at Young & Rubicam, New York as an advertising writer, president of Young & Rubicam, Italy and later, Young & Rubicam, France; then as president of Winebaum News, which became the largest distributor of books, magazines and newspapers north of Boston, but always from the earliest, taking evening studies at New York’s Art Students League to his current full-time engagement, he has worked to learn the craft of sculptor.

In 1953 in New York, Mr. Winebaum married Helen Auerbach, then a successful television and stage actress, now actively involved in land conservation efforts. They have two sons and four grandchildren.

Mr. Winebaum graduated from Portsmouth High School and received a B.A. from the University of Michigan in English, not art.

He has won the Hitchener Award, the deKalb Award, the Lassonde award and many others.

Sumner Winebaum is a prolific sculptor who lives in York, Maine.

Nancy Clark

Nancy Clark

All works by Nancy Clark

I seek to offer viewers a sense of peace and tranquility through the colors and light of my open and spacious landscapes and seascapes. They express my deep love for nature and her ever-changing atmosphere. I especially notice the fast and continuous shift of colors when I am plein air painting. It is great fun and challenging to paint as fast as I can to try to capture the essence of a moment of time in this dear life. It has taught me that everything changes very quickly, so try to be in the now of it all.

Born and raised in rural Maine, I continue to be blown away by the magnificent beauty of layered mountains, open fields, flowing rivers, sparkling ponds and the expansive horizon of the ever moving ocean. My inspiration is, therefore, boundless and extraordinary.

Limes: acrylic on canvas, still life, measuring 24 x 12 inches, by Susan Tobey White

Susan Tobey White

All works by Susan Tobey White

Susan Tobey White defines herself as artist and educator.

As an artist she is best known for her colorful, energetic paintings of dancers, oversized vegetables and decadent food series. In contrast to the high-energy dancers her love of her home state of Maine is evident in her “quieter, although full of movement” paintings of figures, landscapes, lobstering scenes and florals. She welcomes commissions enjoying the challenges they offer. Her most common commissions include dancers, children at play, beach and boating scenes. She has created the images for the 2004 and 2007 North Atlantic Blues Festival Poster and The Maine Celtic Posters for 2008-2012.

As an educator she leads workshops in acrylic painting throughout the year. Having taught elementary art for 15 years she she has the ability to bring concepts to their simplest form. She recently gained the title of being a Golden Artist Educator through Golden Artist Colors, Inc. a prominent manufacturer of acrylic paint.