Keith Maynard

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My name is Keith Maynard. Welcome to my portfolio. I am a sculptor of stainless steel and stone. I was, by trade, a construction diver that transitioned into a water/stone/steel inspired artist. I live with my wife and daughter on the coast of Maine and enjoy creating beautiful things. I hope you enjoy my work.

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Shari Ciomei

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Shari is fairly new to the artist world.  She began painting, just for fun, in 2007 and has quickly become a collected artist.  She enjoys capturing  scenes of the picturesque fishing towns of Deer Isle-Stonington and other surrounding islands where she has lived her entire life along with her family who are lobstermen. Mostly working with oils,  her paintings are known for their bright, vivid colors that show the unique beauty of the coast of Maine.  “Having a person admire my art and know that they are so excited to hang one of my paintings in their home is so rewarding to me.”

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Brenda Cirioni

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Carol Collette

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Carol Collette is an internationally known printmaker and painter. Living in rural New England, surrounded by familiar and favorite subjects, Carol’s pen and ink and watercolor sketches served as the foundation for her early etchings. Soon she became fascinated with delicacy of detail and richness etching provide and devoted her time to increasing her knowledge and skill to that difficult medium. Carol Collette continues to create the familiar landscapes which she loves and has become known for and also finds joy in painting rural images with oil paints. In both her limited edition prints and paintings, Carol Collette explores a fine line between control and spontaneity, creating images which capture the ephemeral combination of fleeting light and shadow which makes her art truly magical.


Elaine McMichael

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My work is my impression, interpretation and concept of the many aspects of my environment-cities, beaches, waters, mountains, woodlands, flora and the creatures that people them.

The settings morph endlessly into my textural paintings. Each of my images focuses on the conditions that surround us and affect the way we live-all the external factors influencing our lives such as light, heat, wind, movement and precipitation.

My focus recently has become my analysis of natural forms as they evolve into abstract shapes.

I paint in an impasto impressionist technique with both brush and palette knife to express immediacy, light, movement, and surface, leaving the work open to construal.

I invite the viewers’ participation and visceral interaction. I look for responsiveness to the environmental impact of the work.

Elaine majored in Fine Arts at Emmanuel College, Boston and went on to receive Master of Education and Doctor of Education degrees from the University of Massachusetts. Her lifelong focus has been the visual arts, as an art teacher, an art director and as a college professor.

Elaine is currently a full time artist and also works as an Educational Consultant in the Boston Area. Elaine is represented by Gallery 302 Bridgton, ME, www.gallery302.org. Elaine’s artwork can be viewed at the Cape Cod Art Association in Barnstable, MA as well as on the Melrose Arts www.melrosearts.com/mcmichael. She was named one of 20 Best Massachusetts Contemporary Artists in 2013 at the Brush Gallery, Lowell, MA. A member of several art associations, Elaine’s paintings have won awards and have been exhibited throughout New England and the Eastern United States. Her paintings hang in numerous private collections. Elaine can be contacted at emcmich@comcast.net.


Richard Blanchard

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Richard’s series of contemporary abstract paintings using oil and acrylic on canvas and paper explore a visual language of fragmented landscapes, cartouches, and ruin like structures that signify inner and outer realms. The series As Above So Below focuses on rural Maine as a metaphor of protection shown in images of sleeping cradled deer in a reoccurring theme of personal homage to birth and spiritual healing. Richard is influenced by the Expressionistic compositions and Primitivism of artists such as Mondrian, Klee, and Chagall. All works reference Richard’s original concept of Simultaneous Gravities and chronicle the movement of imagination and fragments of memory as they become real, symbolized in rows of trees that blossom one direction and decay in the other. With over 35 years of painting behind him, he has created a canon of techniques from a luminous and subtle color palette to a layered brushwork bridging a unified vision of hemispheres, trees, houses, stars, heavens and animals encompassing each other’s worlds.

Carrie Lonsdale

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Jane Croteau

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Jane Croteau has been painting since 2002.  “As a stained glass artist for 35 years, I am captivated by the play of light. Painting with a brush allows me a freedom of line and direction not usually associated with the restrictions and mechanics of working in glass.” 

An avid sailor, Jane spends as much time on the water as possible and her paintings of skies and water demonstrate her love of bold color as well as the vibrant reflections and contrasting shadows. Sailing the Maine coastline provides inspiration for so many possible paintings.

Jane works in acrylic, pastel, watercolor, and printmaking.

Giclee prints available of selected images

Works are shown at Gallery 302 (Bridgton, ME) and Digital Literacy (Portland, ME)



Michael Palmer

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Ginny Lane

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Ginny’s inspiration comes from spending her summers in Seal Cove, Maine at her grandparents cottage on Mount Desert Island. Coastal Maine and subject matter has been the main focus of Ginny’s paintings for many years. Be it a lobster boat, sailboat, pine tree, the ocean, or sunset, the inspiration is endless and she never tires painting them as it is ever changing throughout the day.

“Capturing the essence is what’s it’s all about. What made you stop and paint it? That’s what’s most important”. She likes to capture the mood, energy and light in a painting which is best done by painting plein air. “Painting outside forces one to paint quickly and capture the moment most effectively”. She also enjoys painting in her studio where she can get creative by adding gels and mediums for added texture.


George Goebel

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George Goebel a native of Catonsville, Maryland, graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 1975. He has been in numerous group shows up and down the east coast as well as having had seven solo exhibitions. In the mid-nineties his sister bought a house on the coast near Thomaston, Maine. George spends several weeks each summer painting there. During his summer visits to this beautiful spot, he discovered an altogether different type of coastline than the flat sandy expanses of the Mid-Atlantic coasts in his native state of Maryland. In Maine, dark forests of spruce come down to meet the rocky coast. Along the shore, granite rocks, glacier carved and ancient, rise out of the cold Atlantic in the form of thousands of islands spotted with wind ravaged spruce forest. He learned that it was a drowned coast line; the islands were the last vestiges of a mountain range worn down by the elements and time. Coastal Maine to George was an altogether different planet, one that took his landscape painting in a whole new direction. His biggest challenge was trying to avoid the clichés that we’ve come to associate with paintings of Maine. George is not interested in painting the quaint harbors and the lobster boats. He likes weathered spruce, granite boulders in the morning sun and the mind blowing star filled skies of the Maine night.

George’s artwork has been shown in a number of galleries in Maine, including 357 Main, Bayview Gallery, Dowling Walsh, Isalos Gallery and Art of the Sea. His paintings have appeared in national publications such as The Artist’s Magazine, American Artist, The North Light Book of Acrylic Painting Techniques and National Geographic. He is co-owner of Staub Art Studio, Inc. in Catonsville where he teaches painting and drawing in the realist tradition to over 80 adult students.




Sally Berry Glenn

All works by Sally Berry Glenn

I love the process of painting out in nature, whether it’s at the ocean, or up at 9,900 feet in the mountains or doing floral paintings in a garden. The challenges are great to compose a painting that “sings”. To bring the energy of the ocean waves into the painting or the calmness of the quiet coves, to see the fog lifting and dancing over the mountains inspires me as an artist to paint. As I stand for two to three hours grasping these moments in time, my teachers are with me in my mind, guiding my strokes carefully as I put the elements of the scene onto the canvas- into a dance of balance and rhythms, creating a sense of harmony on the canvas which in the end result “sings”.  This process of creativity is very challenging and calls me out to paint every day.
Painting in nature, allows me to have access to the spontaneous events which occur so often as in the painting “Catching the Breeze”. I was painting on the beach in Dana Point at the “Masters” and I looked up and found that a man had sat down by the waves under his silk canopy. Not planning to have him in the painting, I quickly adapted to add him, as a viewer, in this coastal scene, as he was also catching the breeze like the sailboats! These are some of the fun surprises which come with painting “pleine air” style.
I started painting pleine air on the East coast in Maine in 1980’s, by the ocean with watercolors.. Gradually, I turned to oils which I love mixing of colors to obtain the desired values and  rich textures that oils allow, as well as, the fluidity of this medium. I was born in Maine and grew up on the foggy coast where Winslow Homer painted. I enjoy painting in Maine along the coast, in the Grand Canyon , Sedona, and along the California coast, giving me a wide variety of venues to decipher! I embrace the opportunity to go high up in the Sierra’s to Tuolumne Meadows and paint (2012) Lake Tenaya and Lembert Dome or go off to Bodega Bay, seeking the fog and waves, as well as, painting in Point Lobos at China Cove. It’s all so beautiful. In 2014, I painted  this past summer in Maine on Monhegan Island, where I went many summers, as a young person . We, as artists, have the opportunity as to preserve the beauty of nature with the early morning light sparkling on the waves, or the fog lifting over the hills or the sun setting reflecting on the sails of the boats in the harbor in a pleine air painting, bringing this scene to you on a canvas for your enjoyment.

Copper End I: abstract, fine art, modern acrylic painting on canvas that measures 36 x 24 inches by artist Jan Scharff

Jan Scharff

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Whether peering through the broken panes of glass of a near-derelict Stanford White building or rushing through one of Frank Gehry’s logic-defying edifices there is always something there that catches and holds, then challenges me to paint. Another source of inspiration is the Abstract Expressionist’s of mid-century America. Jackson Pollock’s expressive physicality, Mark Rothko’s luminous and ethereal fields of color, Willem deKooning’s sensual, biomorphic forms, Cy Twombly’s cerebral and massive canvases — all have had a profound effect on me, both intellectually and emotionally.

Using everything from a T-square to a spritzer bottle filled with paint and glue to scraps of fabric and paper, I apply one part what I have observed and learned to one part how I think and feel to create a window into my world to be shared with the viewer.

Robert Motherwell said, “to paint, not the thing, but the effect of it”. That is my objective — to express visual poetry.
Jan Scharff and her husband live in New York City and Kennebunkport, Maine.

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Douglas H. Caves Sr.

All works by Douglas H. Caves Sr.

Doug Caves has been a lifelong student of art with an eclectic array of interests and creative outlets. He attended the Fine Arts Program at Mt. Wachusett Community College studying art history, painting, drawing and sculpture and received the school’s Annual Purchase Award for his bronze sculpture “Head of Joy” in his last year of attendance. He has studied painting and drawing at the Worcester Art Museum and spent many years pondering the meaning and value of making art through various venues like house painting, home remodeling and landscape design and installation. He went on to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and then a Masters degree in Communication through Clark University. Through out the past thirty years Doug’s creative output has been spread across his interests in writing, working with landscape design, home
remodeling and making paintings. However, in the past 20 months, he has dedicated his creative efforts solely to painting and he has produced over 100 paintings, finally realizing, as he says, “…what it is I really want to do with the rest of my life.”

Doug’s paintings are currently on display at the Thos. Moser showroom in Greenwich, CT, Boston City Hall, the Captain David Kelly House in Centerville, MA,  and at the Frame Depot in in Milford, NH. Doug is affiliated with the Masterpiece Gallery in Boston, MA, the Frame Depot in Milford, NH where he was 2014 August’s Featured Artist and is represented by Canvas Fine Arts, showing at various Boston venues such as Boston City Hall and the Liberty Hotel. He is a member of the Fitchburg Art Museum, showing in this years’ 79th  Regional Show,  The Leominster Art Association, where he was Artist of the Month in February 2014, Concord Art Association, Arts Worcester and Rollstone Studios.


Cynthia Brown

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“I am compelled by the astonishing beauty and curiosity of Maine’s seeming constants coupled with its swift changing atmosphere. I am stopped in my tracks by a road, a coastline, a marsh, a single leaf, a chance conversation, a singer at the county fair, an ice cream stand, an approaching storm with its beeping weather warning on the radio. It is a moment of deep familiarity beyond the thing itself, a universal. It can be amusing, inspiring or even disturbing, startling. The moment is visceral, instinctive and unencumbered by my presence or anything I might attempt to layer on top of it.   The paintings are my way of communicating this extraordinary experience. “

Cynthia Brown attended her first drawing class at the Cleveland Museum of Art at age seven; however her professional debut into the arts was as a performer. After receiving her BA from Ohio University she had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and Europe with regional theaters and touring productions. Lured by the prospect of continuing her theatrical studies with Uta Hagen, Ms. Brown settled in New York City. She also resumed her studies of the fine arts beginning with a life drawing class taught by Marshal Glazier at the Art Students League. By 1990, during a trip to Paris, France she came full-circle and decided to devote herself full-time to painting. Returning again to New York City she studied with Morton Kaish at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Dominick Guida, an artist in oils and watercolor. She also attended painting classes at The Art Students League and the National Academy. Over the last 10 years Cynthia has explored the eastern seaboard and now shares a home with Stephen Nutting, a fine cabinet maker, in Brownfield, Maine.

Her award-winning work is represented in the corporate collections of Bloomingdales; Peter Luger’s in New York City; Rohleder GmbH in Germany; Heberlein Textildruck in Switzerland; and The Buenos Aires Trust Company, as well as in private collections in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America.